Early Signs Of Pregnancy

You have been trying for quite sometime and keeping a track of your ovulation and basal temperature and given up on all your favorite eatables and activities just so that you are finally pregnant.Are you pregnant? Will the stick  finally show positive and the doctors confirm the good news to you? Well to help you out here are few signs that will help you realise that the chances of you being pregnant is very high.

Breasts getting sore

Are your breasts hurting a little and feel heavier? Even simple task like wearing a bra seems like a mild torture. Your breasts get tender and heavy  and areolas get darkened, veins get pronounced. This is the first and most prominent sign that you maybe pregnant. You can wear  support bra to bed to help you get a relief from the soreness.

Unexpected fatigue

You are usually very active and energtic, but suddenly you are not able to do even the simplest of the chores. You get exhausted by doing the usual chores, this is mainly because of increased hormones in your body.Usually the first trimester is when expectant mothers are most tired, it gets better in the second trimester.


Here comes the morning sickness, queasy feeling and not liking any of your favourite food. Usually the morning sickness starts when you are about 6 weeks along and unfortunately you are going to be hurling in morning, noon or night.The smells that you liked repel you completely even your favorite food gross you out.

Taking frequent leaks

You usually sleep through the night but suddenly you wake up couple of times during the night to urinate. During pregnancy the body produces loads of fluids resulting in you taking extra pee breaks.

Body and Back Aches

If you have never suffered from back ache and suddenly your back is suddenly sore, this maybe a sign that you are pregnant. This usually happens due to the ligaments loosening up to make space for the baby. This pain is unfortunately going to continue all through your pregnancy term.

Amongst these things, you will also experience dizziness, heightened sense of smell and constipation. If your periods are regular and suddenly out of the blue they are delayed by a week or ten days, its pretty much a confirmation that you maybe pregnant. If you are experiencing either or all of these symptoms then it is gauranteed that its time to pee in the stick and wait for the positive sign.

Meera M.Das