Earwax Removal for Your Child

Earwax is a waxy material, which is scientifically known as cerumen. This wax is produced inside the ear to create an external coating on the skin of the ear canal. It is also used to protect the ear from any external infection or irritation.

So, it is not a good idea to clean up the earwax completely for your child. While cleaning the earwax, you may also accidentally damage the inner part of the ear, which might even lead to permanent or temporary dumbness.

However, sometimes the earwax gets accumulated inside the eardrum and forms hard lumps. These lumps might create disturbances in hearing or might attract infections from outside, which is not healthy for the ear. In this situation, you need to clean the ear. But you should not try to perform this subtle task by yourself. If you use ear bud for taking these lumps out, it will rather push them more inside the ear.

Also, you should not use any sharp material to bring these out. The best thing would be to take your child to the ear specialist, who will remove the earwax by using special techniques and equipments. The process to clean the ear takes just a few minutes and it is not at all painful.

However, if your kid gets frightened by seeing the equipments and gets panicked, then it will take much longer time. So, before taking your kid for ear wax removal, you should make him understand about the procedure, so that he remains calm and controlled during the cleaning process.

Sometimes, the liquid earwax may come out of its own from your child’s ear. In this situation, you may use the earwax cleaning solution to put few drops inside the ear. This liquid will melt the earwax, which will automatically come out.

To clean the outer ear area, you may use a clean washcloth or cotton swabs. But you should always remember not to insert the cotton swabs in the ear canal. The earwax cleaning solutions are normally available over the counter, but you should take a proper prescription from a specialist doctor to know the most effective product before you go for buying.