Easy Methods of Burping Your Baby

Burping is very much required for the newborn babies after every feeding. Usually during feeding the babies swallow some amount of air. This swallowed air causes problems like gassiness, spitting up, irritability or even colic pain. Since babies are too young to burp by themselves, someone has to help them in burping. Burping helps to bring out this swallowed air to some extent and relives the baby from the uneasiness.

The most common technique of burping is to pat the baby’s back gently for few times until she burps. While burping your baby might spit up a little amount of milk which is not a serious concern. This type of burping is known as ‘wet burping’. So make sure to put a towel or bib on your baby while you try to burp her. However, this procedure of burping is not workable for every baby.

Some babies are so reluctant to burp that it becomes pretty difficult and time-long process for the parents. In this situation, you may try other burping procedures.

One of these is to keep your baby seated upright on your lap or on a soft mattress and to pat the straitened back gently but firmly. With the other hand you should provide support at the front of your baby, by holding her chest. You have to maintain the upright position of your baby to make her burping.

Another useful procedure is to hold your baby against your chest, so that the baby’s chin is placed on one of your shoulder. To take your baby in this position, either you have to sit upright or you have to stand up. Hold your baby tightly with one hand, while you use the other hand to gently pat on the back. Thus the gentle pressure on the opposite sides helps the baby to burp easily.

For easy burping many parents prefer to lay their baby on the lap, with their belly on the downside and then pat the back side. In this position, you have to support her head on a higher position than her chest and belly. This process is little difficult to perform for inexperienced parent, but it results in to quick and easy burping.

Even after trying all these methods, if your baby does not burp, there is nothing to be panicked. Do not apply force to burp your baby, as it could hurt her physically.