Easy Nutritious Meals For The New Mother

Whether you’re nursing or not, whether you’re trying to lose weight or keep up your strength, the key to culinary and personal success is the simple, quick, no-fuss meal. The faster and the easier the meal, the more time you’ll have for yourself. Use all the modern conveniences available like pressure cookers, food processers, toasters, ovens, and so on. Here are some tricks you can try.

Options for breakfast
You could try having some cold cereal mixed with fresh fruits and milk. Another option is to have some shredded chicken with some salt and two slices of bread toast with some butter on it along with a glass of juice or milk. Apart from this, buttered English muffin with cheese and a glass of grapefruit juice or any health drink with a fruit or even a cup of cold milk and one egg is a great option. If you prefer having milkshake, cut any two fruits of your choice like bananas, strawberries or apples etc and put it in a blender with some milk and 1 tsp of honey or vanilla extract. Blend till frothy and pour in a glass.

Options for lunch
Creamed soup from a can is easy and perfect for a breast-feeding mother when made with milk. Keep several types of crackers and cheeses on hand to have with the soup. Also, peanut butter is very nutritious. You can spread some on a slice of whole grain bread and add honey. If you still feel hungry you can eat a banana. Peanut butter also tastes great with strawberry jam on toasted bread. Apart from this, you have the option of having a cup of milk tea with 2-3 toast. Cheese, French bread and fresh fruit for lunch is a nice continental choice.

Options for dinner
Roast a small plain turkey in the oven. Don’t bother with stuffing or giblet gravy. Also, when you’re cleaning raw vegetables for dinner, make sure there’s enough to keep leftovers for snacks or to steam for lunch the next day. You could even arrange for canned drained vegetables such as sliced beets, carrots julienne, whole French string beans and chick-peas on a platter. Last but not the least, you can also broil any fish of your choice with fresh lemon juice and butter. Broil or grill hamburgers, lean meats, pork chops, chicken, etc.