Easy Tips To Increase Your Child’s Physical Fitness

Easy Tips To Increase Your Child’s Physical FitnessIn order to keep ourselves fit and healthy we try so many things like yoga, gym etc, but we ignore that it is as important to keep your child fit as yourself. But generally parents think that if their child plays for few hours it is more than enough to keep your child fit, but it is completely wrong, your child also needs physical activates to make him strong and active.

The best way to keep them fit is to teach them different exercises according to their age so that they remain healthy and strong.

Sports according to age

6-8 years of age

During this age the physical development starts in children so it is necessary to take them out in field for field sports like jumping, kicking etc. All these field sports can be chosen according to your child’s interest. These lively sports should be played for around 30 minutes every day to keep your child fit. These kinds of sports make your child healthy and improve the physical strength of the child.

9-12 years of age

During this age the eating habits and the games they play change and they prefer to play in school or sport6s complex  games like football, basket ball , hockey ,volleyball, dancing, swimming etc.. All these games are helpful in keeping them active and they can choose any game according to their interest. In order to develop their muscle strength they can do weight training with 15-20 pounds of weights, but this should be done under the guidance of a physical trainer. During exercise they should not use all the equipments for work outs. They should do all these activities for half an hour every day.

If the child plays any of these sports during early age then they develop team spirit, target, self confidence etc. and they try to be great achievers in every feild of life. Moreover these kids remain away from heart diseases, diabetes, blood pressure etc. and their immunity system becomes strong which helps them to fight various infections too. Daily practise of such exercises help in boosting their working power.

Cardio Vascular Training

You should always try and inspire the children to follow different activities because they might feel bored by doing same exercises everyday. You can change the activities by making them play cricket, skating, swimming, foot ball or any other game they are interested in. Cardio vascular training games are beneficial for children of every age group. After five minutes make them do some naughty activities like make them do aerobics on a nice and funky tune. These exercises should be done for 20-30 minutes every day. Aerobics strengthens the muscles of the child’s body.

Strength Training

Strength training not only keeps your child active but also helps them in making them strong throughout their life time and increases their tendency to fight various diseases too in later stages of life. Strength training is helpful in balancing the increasing and decreasing body weight of kids. Make your child do strength training activities everyday for 10-15 minutes. These activities include exercises like kick boxing and lifting light weights which are specially designed for kids only.

You should add some funny activities too along with strength training exercises so that the child enjoys doing them. It should be done under the supervision of a personal physical trainer 2-3 times in a week and just for 20 minutes. Before starting strength training give 20 minutes before to the child to get prepared for exercise and give five minutes for resting after exercising. It is very beneficial in boosting self confidence of the child, makes their bones strong, helps in development of muscles and controls weight also of the child. Strength training exercises are very helpful in making physically strong and increase the tendency to fight diseases of the body, so the child falls ill very less.

Right use of machines

If the child uses machines for exercising then always take care that they use only the machines designed especially for kids like rubber dumb bells, elastic bands etc. These machines are very helpful for obese kids to lose weight but they should always be used under the supervision of a physical trainer. DO not over burden your child with heavy exercises otherwise it might damage their backbone. You can keep them active by making them play other games like cycling, carom, ludo, Sudoku etc. These games not only increase their physical strength but also help in mental development also. Just keep track on their indoor games activities so that when they play inside they should not watch TV or play video games.

Outdoor games

Try and make your child more active by taking him out for cycling or playing in the park. This way child of 9-112 age groups will become more active and they can do running, hiking, rock climbing, skating etc. Whereas for the children of 6-9 age group can play running , skating or badminton , this way they will get fresh air and learn to play out of the house too. All these outdoor activities are also very important for the proper physical development of your child.

Important things to keep in mind while kids play

When your child does strength training make sure that he does it under the supervision of a physical trainer and keep checking with the trainer about the child’s development and interest towards that sport. All the children who are very active in participating in sports get hurt also very frequently so make sure that you have a first aid box handy at home. Their protective and safety equipments like helmet, skating pads etc, should be kept in their sports bag. If your child has some medical problem then taking your doctors opinion is very important before starting any physical activity.

After six years there should be some changes in strength training so that the other body parts like arms, back, shoulders etc. also develop nicely.
Along with exercise it is very important to keep their diet healthy and nutritious. There should be proper eating schedule for the child so that he does not feel weak after exercising. Keep the salt content low in the child’s food. Avoid giving fatty and junk foods. Include cold drinks and sports drinks in the child’s diet.