Eat Little Toddler Eat

The most difficult part of parenting is probably feeding your little toddler. They are so busy running around and playing that they seldom seem to feel hungry and sometimes you really get tired trying to make them eat. Most of them are so choosy about foods that they first taste, if it does not suit their palate, you will have a tough time feeding them the next time. Sometimes you specially prepare dishes for them and you get frustrated when they just don’t bother to eat.  You need to follow some simple tips to ensure your child eats well.

First never stuff your toddler’s plate with too much food, give small helpings and give more if she is still hungry and asks for it. It is important to understand that your toddler will eat well on one day and not eat so much on another day. Their appetites also change like ours so do not force them let them eat how much they want and don’t force them.

Never allow your child to toddle around the place and then eat. Be consistent about the time and place your toddler eats. Let it be the same place daily and do not feed the child jumping or toddling or standing. It is best to feed in a seated position so that there is no risk of choking. Always ensure the child does not get distracted by toys or any television programme. Be sure the baby does not snack very close to dinner time. It is always good to give healthy snacks and make sure they are given at least 30 minutes before meal time.

It is important to encourage your toddler to eat independently so that he develops healthy independent eating habits. All of us get bored with monotony so do kids. Always be innovative, try healthy fun foods and keep giving them variety. That way they like to eat, if you keep giving them the same thing daily, they would never eat properly. Toddlers learn our eating habits hence it is good to add a lot of fruits, vegetables and keep our diets balanced so that they are inspired.

Esther Gideon


The author is a postgraduate in business management and is a mother of a four year old and an eight month old.