Eating Carefully During Pregnancy

Once you get pregnant, one of the first things the doctor will tell you is to stay clear of cashews, papaya as they will add to the heat in the body and causes you to pass stools. Besides these, you will wonder what is good and bad for you during your pregnancy. Your doctor will guide you up to a point, but there are certain foods that you definitely need to stay clear of.

If you are pregnant, it is better to stay off certain types of fish. If you do find the need to eat, eat only a bit of tuna a week. Eating too much fish of certain types like swordfish and shellfish will actually harm the baby. Eating fish can also increase your risk of food poisoning. Avoid eating raw beef or raw eggs, or even burgers which are undercooked. The less the food is cooked, the more bacteria the food is likely to have. Any meat that you eat must be well cooked. Avoid the rare and medium variety. Always opt for meat which is well done.

Do not eat any unpasteurised cheese or milk. They can cause food poisoning as well. Reduce your intake of not only alcohol, but also tea, coffee, soft drinks, foods which have a high sugar content, fried foods and excess salt. Also, avoid eating take away meals as they have no nutritive value. Stay clear from salads unless you are making it by yourself at home.

You also need to take care while eating and cooking by washing your hands with an anti bacterial soap, especially if you have cooked meat. Make sure that you wash your hands if you are handling any domestic pets. Make sure to use separate chopping boards for vegetables and meats. Avoid reheating cooked food, as you need to take care not only of yourself but also the baby in your womb at this time.

Certain fresh mayonnaise contain raw eggs. Make sure that you read the label before buying it and eating it. If possible, peel your fruits before eating it as they can be layered with harmful pesticides.