Eating Disorders in Kids-Causes

Food is the source of energy which provides all the essential nutrients, fats and vitamins for performing all the normal body functions and thus helps in growth and development. However, if we deprive our body from the desired or required amount of food, then this will lead to various health problems. 

In today’s society children are developing eating disorders because of various reasons. They fail to understand the fact that during these developing years body needs certain amount of fat for its growth and development and so, weight loss during this phase is not normal and healthy.

Kids are glued to television and actors and actresses are their role model. They admire their slim bodies and hence want to copy them and attain their shape. In order to achieve their target of slim body they start dieting and avoiding food without realizing its side effect. While some girls start competing with other slim and model figure shaped girls in their class and start ignoring food.

Kids are highly influenced by their peer group. Many kids when see their other friends following certain unhealthy practices of attaining perfect shape they too get influenced to attain perfect shape and adopt the unhealthy practice of eating disorders.

Parents too are influential factor in developing eating disorders in kids. Many parents are themselves very concerned about their looks and figure. They adopt various dieting techniques to loss and maintain perfect shape. In such cases, the information to look good is automatically transferred to the kids and especially girl kids and so they too start practicing it. In some cases, parents themselves encourage their kids to cut down their weight.

Parents must not force kids to eat more than what they want to eat. Pressuring their kids to finish their plate before leaving the table develops unhealthy attitude towards food.

Eating disorders may lead to anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa .Anorexia nervosa may be defined as the self starvation state where the person feels hungry but denies food because of fear of becoming fat or gaining weight while  bulimia nervosa is a condition where the person has the habit of uncontrolled eating (binge eating) followed by self induced vomiting. Both the disorders have serious affects on health when not treated timely.

Raka Raghuvanshi