Eating Post Pregnancy

All through your pregnancy you are told to eat well and to eat healthy. That surely does not mean you over do it. It is necessary to eat carefully even at this time and not to put on oodles of weight. The ideal weight gain in pregnancy is twelve to thirteen kilos. The most weight is put on during the last trimester.

Pregnancy does not mean eating a lot it means eating right. Anything over fourteen kilos means you need to take care and watch your food intake. At the time of delivery you will lose up to seven kilos so the more you have put on the more difficult it will be to lose it.

You cannot begin dieting or exercising for the first two months post your delivery. You need all the extra energy to care for the newborn. But it is best to take care of what you eat. As you are feeding the baby you do need to eat and drink a lot of liquids. The more you feed the more weight you will lose. However it is necessary to cut out on all oily foods and sugar items as they do nothing for you or the baby.

You can eat tons of salads instead and also lots of fruits as you tend to feel hungrier during feeding. Pastas and breads must be avoided instead you can snack on cucumbers and carrots. Keep checking your weight gain post pregnancy you should not have put on the extra kilos. Don’t listen to the old wives tales that you need to eat lots to feed the baby. Eat quality not quantity.

Plain boiled vegetables are good toeat to which a pinch of salt has been added. Start cooking your food in a non stick pan to which only a spoonful of oil needs to be added. Steamed foods can also be had which is not only healthy but nutritious as well. Avoid eating out for the first three months. Snack on nuts like almonds and cashews they will give you the necessary oils that your body needs and enough nourishment to the baby and to you. Don’t neglect yourself, start trying on clothes you wore before your pregnancy and set a target to fit into them once again. Slowly and steadily you will achieve that goal.