Effective Speech Therapy Exercises For Kids

Effective Speech Therapy Exercises For KidsSpeech Therapy is the most effective method of improving and correcting the speech related problems in the kids of various ages. The only thing which the parents need to do is to detect the problem of stuttering in their child as early as possible.

If the child grown up, then he/ she know that there is some problem with his/ her speech and during this time the child needs to be treated with Active Speech Therapy.

Active Speech Therapy

Active Speech Therapy is mainly a technique of speech correction which is used for correcting the problem of stuttering in 4 to 12 years of children. Active Speech Therapy uses the procedure of speaking slow by decreasing the speed of speech and the style of speaking is also changed with the help of few exercises.

There are Deep Breathing Exercises too which help effectively in curing this speech disorder in children.  There is a whole chain or a procedure of giving Active Speech Therapy. It is started with Single Word Therapy, then Reading Therapy and finally the Way of Speaking is worked upon by the speech therapist.

The Speech Therapy Programme is designed exclusively for each and every child according to his/ her requirements. It is not so that all the children are given the same therapy programme. There are various Exercises for kids which are used for Speech therapy in Active Therapy like:

Finger Tapping Exercise for Speech Therapy

In this exercise called the Finger Tapping exercise after speaking a single word the table is tapped once with a finger. This way the child starts speaking slowly and correctly each and every word with the rhythm of a single finger tap between each and every word. This helps in controlling the speech and the speed of the speech too of the child.

Speech Software for Speech Therapy

There are various speech therapy related software’s available in the market which are very effective in controlling the speech problem in the child. Speech Software’s like “Wagme” and “Dr. Speech” are highly effective and helping the children suffering from speech problem. With the help of these software’s the children start learning the right way to speak without stuttering and that too in a playful manner.

Deep Breathing Exercises for Speech Therapy

Deep breathing exercises require a lot of speaking and the children get exhausted after speaking for a long time, in such cases deep breathing exercises are very helpful in providing extra energy to the child for speaking for longer time. Usually it is found that the kids suffering from stuttering follow incorrect way of breathing.

They do not take deep and long breathe.  They try to speak a lot while taking short and shallow breathes. This causes stuttering in their speech. In deep breathing exercises they are taught how to control breathe and the right way to exhale slowly.

Along with breathe control they are also taught the right way to control, their words too. These highly effective speech therapy exercises are very successful methods to correct the speech problems in children and the speech therapists too charge very nominal fees for every sitting.