Effects of Divorce on Kids

Marriage is combination of two completely different individuals with two different backgrounds as one family. Both the partners are governed by different set of attitudes, beliefs, faith and behavior. Therefore, staying together is difficult  task and hence needs lot of understanding. However, because of various stress in personal and professional life of couples  survival of  marriage is at greater risk leading to divorce.

Although it is tough to cope up with divorce for both the couples but the maximum impact of such breakages is seen in children. They are the main sufferers.They undergo a lot of stress and are unaware of the reasons .They have unsolved queries in their mind and this leaves them blaming themselves. Divorce affects children of all ages in some way or the other.

Infants and toddlers are able to understand some difference in their home situation through vibes .They yearn for love from both of them. They miss their father or mother who is not staying with them. This creates a feeling of insecurity in them and makes them irritable.

In case of grown up kids, divorce has physiological effect on them. Like depression, phobia, anxiety,sadness,  low self esteem. Children may also start showing less interest in their activities and studies.Thus, they may start performing poor in their studies and there is degradation.There may be abrupt change in behavior of the kids towards their parents .They may become very aggressive and get into trouble with school authorities, police etc or may stop talking and sharing to their parents. In adolescence and young age, they may engage into wrong habits of alcoholism and drugs.

One the most negative impact of divorce on kids is that they are always under threat and fear of losing their remaining parent. This hinders the normal healthy growth and development of the kids.Children are unable to cope up with the changed situation may be financially or personally. Adjustment with new additional member (step father/step mom/step offspring’s) becomes very difficult with them. This may even create a vacuum in their life and stop considering themselves as the part of that family. This may result in establishing a different set up for them.

Every human being needs love and affection and kids are not exceptions too. It’s entirely parent’s responsibility to give their kids a healthy upbringing by pondering their love to them. Although it is difficult for parents themselves to handle the situation of separation but they should always try to work things for the benefits of their children.

Raka Raghuvanshi