Embarrassing Signs of Pregnancy: Causes and Remedies

As a woman becomes pregnant, so many things are at work inside her body. The level of hormones especially that of estrogen shoots up in the first trimester. Due to the many hormonal and physiological changes taking place, she experiences many problems. These problems are regarded as signs and symptoms of pregnancy and may subside once the body adjusts to the changing conditions.

Some common signs of pregnancy are headache, morning sickness, back pain, muscle cramp etc. However, there are also some pregnancy problems which may be embarrassing. Though not a cause to worry, these problems can give you embarrassing moments. Let’s try to find out what these problems are, what its causes are, and what remedies are there to deal with these problems.

Excess gas and bloating, heartburn, and incontinence may be categorized as embarrassing pregnancy problems. First let discuss excess gas and bloating. The cause of excess gas production during pregnancy is slower body metabolism. Your metabolism slows down once you get pregnant and the undigested food is fermented by bacteria thereby leading to excessive gas production. This further leads to bloating. Though nothing serious it can be quite annoying. So what is the remedy? The remedy lies in avoiding certain foods which encourage gas production such as beans, cauliflower, and broccoli. Also, avoid carbonated drinks.

Heartburn is again another embarrassing sign of pregnancy which is cause by hormonal imbalance, especially estrogen. It affects you more during the second trimester. You can get relief from pregnancy heartburn by avoiding carbonated beverages, keeping your body well-hydrated, and taking small and multiple meals spread throughout the day. Also avoid taking the last meal of the day just before going to bed. There are also some prescription drugs which your doctor may prescribe.

Incontinence or leakage is another problem which can put you in embarrassing situations. The muscles and the ligaments in the lower abdomen get stretched while trying to make room for the baby as a result of which you may leak while sneezing or coughing. The remedy for incontinence during pregnancy is floor muscle exercise. Your physician will tell you more about this exercise.

If any of these above problems gets serious, you should not waste time and immediately consult your physician.