Emotional Outbursts By The Mother

There is no right or wrong way to discipline a child. Each parent is different and so is the child. What works for one may not necessarily work for the other. It can be quite challenging for the parents. Parents often feel emotionally drained while caring for their toddlers.

Sometimes they get so angry that they use verbal abuse and sometimes feel like getting physical with their kids. This is part of parenthood; but the trick is doing it right and coping and understanding your emotions.

If you feel you are quite fed up with your child and feel that you may hurt him close your eyes and count to ten and simply carry him to another room and leave him there away from you till you settle down.

It is better for him and for you. This is almost like a time out which will work well for the both of you. Stay away from him till you feel you have settled down and then go and give him a hug.

Instead of screaming at your toddler day after day with no change from him. He will actually begin to get used to the screaming. You should rather take a cushion and scream as loudly as you can in to it. It will releases some of your anger towards your little one.

If you are having bad and disturbing thoughts towards your toddler then ask for some support and avoid being alone with your child for too long. Get a friend or a relative over to help you. Sometimes being around people your age can help. Make sure you take out some time for your self without your toddler and get some space.

If your feelings of anger towards your toddler is becoming too much and you are scared you may hurt him it is better to talk to your spouse about it and see if there is any way he can help you out through this time. If there seems to be no solution then it is absolutely alright to go for counselling as it is better that having you harm your baby or get violent with them in any way.