Enthralling Facts About Teen Pregnancy

Facts About Teen PregnancyTeenage pregnancy can be an alarmingly difficult problem to deal with. While on one hand you may be dumbfounded about how to face your parents, on the other hand thoughts about abortion will ponder in your mind.

America has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the entire industrial world and more than eighty-two percent of these pregnancies are unplanned. One of the important facts about teen pregnancy in America is that the pregnancy rate amongst teens has however, declined considerably in the past few years. This has happened primarily because of the increasing use of contraceptives. Many broad based policy efforts have also been made in order to deal with the cultural issues that surround unplanned and teen pregnancies.

Important Facts about Teen Pregnancies

Unplanned Teen Pregnancies

Teenagers around the world, who become pregnant, mostly do not plan their pregnancies. This is one of the most important facts about teen pregnancy. It is believed that American teenagers suffer more from unplanned pregnancies than do teenagers from Canada, Wales, and England.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, more than 750,000 teens in the age group between fifteen to nineteen years become pregnant every year. This is a rate of about seventy-five pregnancies per a thousand women within this particular age group. In the United States of America, eleven percent of all births can be attributed to teenagers and is one of the most disturbing facts about teen pregnancy.

Statistics for Teen Pregnancies

In the country of America, young women who are in the age group between eighteen to nineteen years account for about two-thirds of all the teenage pregnancies. This is one of the most alarming facts about teen pregnancy in America. According to the Guttmacher Institute, there are significant differences in ethnicity and race trends as far as teen pregnancy is concerned.This is one of the crucial facts about teen pregnancy in the States. African American women hold the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the age group of fifteen to nineteen years.

There are a hundred and thirty four pregnancies every year per a thousand women. The Hispanic rate of teen pregnancy is about a hundred and thirty one per thousand women. The white teen pregnancy rate is about forty-eight per thousand women. It is believed that 29% of the teen pregnancies result in abortion and fourteen percent end up in miscarriage. This is one of the most shocking facts about teen pregnancy. Only fifty-seven percent of the teen pregnancies actually result in birth.

Consequences of Teen Pregnancies

One of the most important facts about teen pregnancy is that it is linked to various social problems. These include academic failure, poverty, child neglect and abuse, crime and many health related problems. These are some of the most upsetting facts about teen pregnancy. A study that was conducted by Child Trends concluded that the cognitive test scores among two year olds, who were born from unplanned pregnancies, were much lower in comparison to those who were born from planned pregnancies.

Babies who are born to teenage mothers are also exposed to extreme health risks. They suffer from problems of being underweight or being prematurely born. It is one of the vital facts about teen pregnancy, which is being tackled by policy makers very seriously. Since most of the teenage parents are not married, the children they give birth to grow up with the risk of additional emotional and developmental problems.

The teen parents also face a very high risk of divorce, which is another terrible fact about teen pregnancy. Teenage mothers expose their health to extreme danger because of being pregnant. Some of the serious health issues, which teenage mothers are exposed to are high blood pressure. The severe health issues often result from the absence of adequate prenatal care.

Steps Taken to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy

One of the most serious facts about teen pregnancy is having intercourse without using contraceptives. The Guttmacher Institute states that about ninety percent of the teens who resort to unprotected intercourse are likely to get pregnant within the course of one year. This is one of the most upsetting facts about teen pregnancy in the United States. Another important fact about teen pregnancy is the formation of the National Campaign.

A National Campaign for the prevention of unplanned and teen pregnancies was formed sometime in the year 1996. The purpose behind this national campaign was to bring together educators, media leaders, policy makers, and youth and public health experts for preventing unwanted pregnancies. The purpose of the national campaign is basically to support a personal responsibility culture as far as sexual activity is concerned. It also aims to increase sex education to young adults and teens about respectful relationships, pregnancy, contraceptives, personal responsibility, and sexuality.

Teen Pregnancy Decline

The rate of teen pregnancy in the country of America has declined considerably by as much as thirty-six percent in the years between 1990 and 2002. This has happened largely because of the increased use of contraceptives and it is one of the most relieving facts about teen pregnancy.

The National Campaign has been perceived as a very respectful resource with regard to the prevention of teen pregnancy in America. Policy makers and entertainment industry executives have also been seen to exercise a positive influence on the reduction of teen pregnancy. This is also one of the very stirring facts about teen pregnancy.

Impact of Teen Pregnancy upon Society

One of the crucial facts about teen pregnancy is that teen pregnancy has a tremendous impact upon the society as a whole. In the year 2004, the cost of the teen pregnancy in the public funding system of the United States was as high as 9.1 billion dollars. This turned out to be a very heavy burden on the state’s exchequer and is one of the negative facts about teen pregnancy.

Teen Pregnancy Destroys Lives of Teenagers

One of the most disturbing facts about teen pregnancy is that it affects the lives of the parents. Adolescent fathers earn less than most other men and drop out of school. The teen mothers are even less likely to graduate from school in comparison to teen fathers. They are also quite likely to live beneath the poverty level as well as become highly dependant on social welfare. Such disheartening facts about teen pregnancy have helped to reduce its occurrence.

There are many intriguing facts about teen pregnancy, which young adults and adolescents should be aware of. If young adults and teenagers pay serious attention to such important facts about teen pregnancy, then they will be able to successfully avoid becoming pregnant at a tender age. They will be able to take charge of their young lives and avoid unnecessary problems like teen pregnancy if they pay heed to these facts about teen pregnancy.