EPT Pregnancy Test – A Best Choice

EPT Pregnancy TestThe EPT is an Early Pregnancy Test which is the latest test to ascertain your pregnancy status very early, as it functions to determine the presence of HCG hormone in your urine, which is released after the egg is fertilized and the embryo is implanted. But some pregnant ladies may not produce sufficient amount of HCG hormones in their urine in the first couple of days after their missed period.

The HCG level is highest in the morning for the pregnancy test to be more accurate. The best effect is during the mid flow of your urine on the test stick. It is important to confirm your pregnancy as early as possible to kick start your pre-natal care which benefits you and your baby.

EPT Pregnancy Test

This test is proven to have a 99% accuracy which no other home pregnancy test will be able to compete with for an early diagnosis. It is easy to use. You can follow the instructions listed on the package directly. You can unwrap the foil packaging for the EPT Pregnancy test stick and take off a purple cap to see an absorbent tip. Let the absorbent tip be in the urine flow as you hold the test stick in a downward position.

You only need 5 seconds of urine flow to wet the absorbent tip. Alternatively, you can urinate into a small container and dip in the absorbent tip for 20 seconds. Then put your test stick flat with its windows facing upwards for 2 minutes. Do not wait too long to read the results. There should be some light blue lines being displayed on the windows.

If you are pregnant, you will see a (+) blue sign in the round window, else, you will see a (-) blue sign on the square window. You can try this urine test again in a week’s time. If it is still negative, do consult your doctor to check on your health.

If you are confirmed pregnant, you should also consult your doctor as soon as possible for some pre-natal care which is crucial for you and your fetus. Note that if you see no blue lines in the window, then the test is considered invalid. Call the manufacturer’s number to report the product defect.

But there may be other factors that may affect the EPT result beside defectiveness. There are some drugs that have HCG such as Humegon, Profasi, Pregnyl, APL and Pergonal, which will affect the reading of the EPT. Sometimes, health conditions like the presence of ovarian cysts, possible ectopic pregnancy and other medical conditions may upset the EPT result. You should consult your doctor on such ambiguity.

Sometimes the EPT may give false positive result if you have just given birth in nine weeks or have had a recent miscarriage. The EPT detects the presence of HCG still existing in your body from your last pregnancy. Your doctor will interpret your results more accurately. But the EPT should not be affected by alcohol, pain killers, birth control pills, antibiotics or hormone treatments with clomiphene citrate (Serophen or Clomid).

Although the EPT may not be as old a method as the Ovulation System which calculates the delivery date of your baby, the Early Pregnancy Test has been a proven tool on its accuracy to give it a growing popularity amongst pregnant women. The best time to perform the EPT is early in the morning on your first urine. Try not to have a full bladder before taking the test.

If you want convenience and store a pack or two at home, make sure that it is stored at a room temperature of  2°C-30°C; that is 36°F- 86°F. The EPT is not for internal or children’s use; hence, it should be stored out of children’s reach at all times. Today, there is a newer version of EPT that comes with a digital screen. It will read “pregnant” if you are pregnant or “not pregnant” if you are not, depending on the sufficient HCG detected.

Reasons for EPT

When you know for sure that you are pregnant, you can confirm with your doctor and get started with the pre-natal care to ensure a good start for both baby and you during the next 9 months. With the EPT, all expectant mothers can start caring for their forming fetus with the best of health care which includes good and healthy diets for mother and child, vitamin supplements and avoidance of risks and harm to the growing baby.

Once you are quite sure of your pregnancy, you can plan the proper ways to help your baby grow healthily while the doctor assists in the regular medical check-ups like the Ultrasound to detect the heartbeat of your fetus. Thus, the sooner you can confirm your pregnancy, the better you can prepare yourself to care for the new life in you by visiting your doctor or gynecologist; and this can happen today with the availability of the Early Pregnancy Test (EPT) in the market, that is so easily accessible to test if you are pregnant at the early stage of pregnancy.

The EPT is very useful as you might have irregular menstruations and you might not even be aware that you are pregnant. Some ladies with irregular hormone condition may experience no periods for as long as three months. You might be pregnant then; the first three months of pregnancy, or the first trimester as it is known, is a very crucial development period for the fetus.

It requires the best attention and supplements such as folic acid for its normal development. Our current diet does not contain sufficient nutrients to nourish the fertilized egg and may cause a miscarriage. Hence, it is very essential that you should check if you are pregnant every month even if you experience irregular periods.

Many ladies are not concern when their menstruation does not come for a month or two. It is better to be sure than to miss caring for your new fetus, struggling to stabilize its position and growth. So be prepared with one or two units of EPT at home if you are planning to start a family some time soon.

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