Essential Tips for Developing Good Handwriting in Kids.

Writing is one of the fine ways of communicating and expressing one’s thoughts, ides and feelings on paper.So, it’s very important to develop a good handwriting for our expressions and for others to understand .It’s an art which needs to be taken care of and developed from the childhood. 

Good handwriting requires a number of skills like fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination,body posture, hand and body control, ability to hold pencil, visual  recognition , memory power ,letter recognition,basic strokes like lines and circles etc.So,in order to develop these basic skills ,parents must encourage and involve their kids in related activities like painting,puzzles,scribing,buttoning and zipping their clothes ,craft work, memory games etc.

Kids love scribing.So, during infant stage kids must be encouraged to scribe on their copies or drawing sheets. Providing kids  with white or green boards not only makes their scribing exciting but also proves to be of great help for parents.

Drawing basic strokes like straight lines,curves,circles should be taught. Introducing cursive writing books with basic strokes  and then later cursive writings with alphabets is also a helpful tool in developing good handwriting. Helping kids to trace out figures, pictures is also an important way.

Practice makes a man perfect.So, parents must encourage their kids to write few pages daily emphasizing on importance of good handwriting. By doing so regularly, the handwriting improves and the habit of writing also develops. Practicing handwriting can be tedious and parents must try to make this activity exciting.

Even when kids do their homework or other assignments, parents must also ensure that their kids do them in good handwriting .Kids must be asked to practice their handwriting in a quiet place  with full concentration rather than in crowded place. Small points which should also be taken into consideration while developing good handwriting are their study chair and table size as per physique of their kids, proper room lighting, good quality of pencils etc.

Involving kids in household activities of writing grocery lists, make the list of daily to do list etc is an exciting activity for kids and another way of practicing hand.

It’s said “Handwriting is the reflection of one’s personality.”Hence, parents must help and encourage their kids in developing good handwriting.

Raka Raghuvanshi