Essentials To Be Considered Before Getting Pregnant The Second Time Around

Essentials to be considered before getting pregnant the second time around
Planning to have a second baby, a sibling for you first son to play with? Keep in mind that your second pregnancy will be entirely different from the first one.

There are few essentials to be considered when getting pregnant the second way around. Replenish your body with Essential nutrients:After your first baby your body has been utilized with the nutrient storage, you need to replenish them with all the essential nutrients.

Avoid intake of intake of junk foods, refined carbohydrates, sugars, baked goods or fast foods. Avoid oily foods, have more of mono saturated fats like olive oil. You can have dairy products once in a while, having an ice cream once in a while is not a problem.

Have more of protein available in vegetables than in meat, Eat foods high in fiber and low in Glycemic value like – whole grains, vegetable and fruits. Maintain a healthy body and mind:Maintaining your BMI (Body mass index) levels also effects the production of hormone levels, Have a healthy weight.• BMI levels should be below 30 for easy conception.

Also stress would reduce your chances of getting pregnant faster, as it would affect your mood and hormones. Avoid smoking, alcohol when planning for a second baby. Excessive alcohol consumption can weaken ovulation in women and sperm production in men.

Reduce your stress levels by doing yoga; listening to music, getting a nice aroma body massage would also set you mind and body on track. Preparing you first for the second:The appropriate time for planning a second baby would be when your first one is around 2 to 3 years. As your first child would understand discipline, Discipline him from not doing harsh activities like kicking, beating and other harsh activities.

Get him potty trained, and other few basics so that it is easy to manage your daily chores.Explain him that you are going to get a new baby to play with you. Most Fertile time in your cycle:For most women after their first pregnancy, their menstrual cycles might have changed due to breast feeding, calculate the most fertile time in your menstrual cycle, Using a basal thermometer technique and plan on or just before the ovulation occurs.

Men health is also vital for getting pregnant. Make sure that your partner is also healthy and active enough for planning a second baby.

Have the below foods for a fast and healthy pregnancy:

Foods rich in folic acid, iron is very essential; you can also have folic acid capsules. Have whole grains like oats, brown rice and wheat which are rich in fiber. Foods rich is vegetable protein: eggs, Black beans, soy, lentils, apart from providing protein they are also good sources of iron, foliate, calcium and zinc

Foods rich in Omega-3: salmon, olive oil, These fatty acids are very vital for brain development

Fruits: Black berries, blue berries, grapes, raspberries are rich sources of vitamin C, potassium

Dairy foods: Low-fat yogurt, milk are good sources of calcium. Develop a great bond between you, grown up toddler and the growing baby in the womb. Do not ignore your first child! Happy pregnancy!