Exercise After Cesarean Delivery

Exercise after a cesarean section is very much essential for you to regain your heath and to make the recovery process smoother and faster. You must start off with simple exercises and then progress gradually to higher levels in course of time.

Venture into exercising only after you get the go ahead signal from your physician. You should give a minimum time of 6 weeks for your incisions to heal before starting off with serious exercise routines.

You can perform simple exercises while you are in the bed itself. You can do foot circling by keeping on rotating your feet in large circles in one direction. This improves the blood circulation and helps in preventing the formation of swelling and blood clots, while you are confined to bed.

Place a pillow over you surgical incision and press it gently with your hand. Take deep breaths and inflate your lungs. Exhale by pulling in the abdomen quickly. These breathing exercises will help in clearing the accumulated mucus and prevents lung congestion which can occur after the administration of general anesthesia during surgery.

You can do stretching exercises once your scar is healed completely. You can do a back extension stretch to tone up your weakened muscles. You can lie on your back and gently arch your back till a stretch is felt on the stomach. Care should be taken not to cause excessive strain to your abdominal region.

Irrespective of whether you have had a normal delivery or a cesarean section, the pelvic muscles of your body will become weakened after your pregnancy. This usually causes serious bladder control issues in many women. Pelvic floor exercises also known as Kegel exercises are to be done so as to strengthen the weak pelvic muscles.

When you are fit to walk you can start off with a simple walking routine. Walking poses minimum risk of injury and doesn’t cause much strain to your body. Other aerobic exercises like swimming, cycling and jogging can also be done in course of time as you recover.

Yoga and breathing exercises also aid in speeding up the recovery process. Do not do yoga poses which will strain your abdominal muscles. You can also exercise with an exercise ball to regain your abdominal muscle tone.

Thus by regular exercising you can make your recovery after a cesarean section a smooth and easy one.