Exercise And Fitness for Kids

Physical exercises are very important for children in order to keep them in good health. As kids grows ,besides nutritious and healthy food ,they require additional inputs which assist them in their proper growth and development and physical exercise is one of them. Physical exercises not only provides strengthens, builds and tones muscles, removes obesity but also helps the kids to remain fit and away from diseases. It also develops motor skills, coordination, encourages discipline, psychomotor and develops a sense of responsibility.

However kids do not stick to any regular exercise programmes and hence they should be encouraged in various games /sports (organized or unorganized) of their interest. So, help your child to play any organized sport that he likes such as baseball, soccer, cricket, football, or an individual sport, such as tennis, karate, or dance or unorgganised games like hide and seek etc.

Below are mentioned few sports and physical exercises for children .It’s always advisable to allow children to practice the sports they love. This not only makes it enjoyable for them but the benefits too are more noticeable and prominent.

Swimming involves all the parts of the body and hence has remarkable benefits on kids physical growth .It also develops independence, coordination and increases the intelligence of children.

Tae-Kwon-Do provides training to the child and helps to develop their emotional and physical health .It inculcates discipline, self defense as well.

Football is a game which involves lot of running and hence builds stamina and strengthens the legs muscles. While playing football children run with the ball and try to tag goals .While doing so they are developing coordination with the other team members and develops concentration .They learn group dynamics, psychomotor, and thus improves self-confidence.

Skating is an enjoyable game which requires balance and coordination .This also strengthens leg muscles.

Skiing like skating strengthens muscles and improves balance and coordination.

Yoga helps in the positive growth of children. Through yoga, children can learn about various breathing exercises, meditation, stretching exercises and relaxation.

Tennis is develops motor skills and coordination, strengthens and tones the muscles. Physical exercise in the form of jogging, brisk walking cycling should also be encouraged to the kids.

Raka Raghuvanshi