Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy is ideal to make the women more comfortable but this should be done only with doctor’s consent. If the pregnancy is uncomplicated the doctor may advise to undertake gentle exercises.

Exercises during this period will help to control the weight gain and lower the discomforts. Exercises can impart energy, stamina and improves the muscle strength which is vital during pregnancy and delivery.

Hence a pregnant woman needs to choose those exercises that do not harm the baby and herself. Here are some safe exercises that can be followed during pregnancy period.


A lot of exercises can be practiced during pregnancy but care should be taken to keep the heart rate under 140 beats per minute.  With the progress of the pregnancy women need to change the exercises too.

In early pregnancy chose walking, running, weight training etc but during the latter stages they should do yoga, stretching, swimming etc. It will be better to avoid exercises like rollerblading, cycling, skipping, horse riding etc as it increases the chances of falling down.


Walking can be a safe exercise that can be followed up to delivery. It is a cardiovascular exercise that helps to keep the women fit with out causing any injury to the ankles and knees.

Aquanatal Classes

Some women are interested to do exercises while standing in water. This is because these exercises will makes less impact on the joints and thus helps to reduce the swelling on the legs.


Swimming is highly recommended for pregnant women as they are safe and gives good effect too. Swimming helps to exercise the large muscles of the legs and arms besides giving good cardiovascular benefits.

Low Impact Aerobic

Low impact aerobic exercises are ideal for pregnant women as it helps to build and maintain the cardiovascular endurance. This may also helps to avoid unnecessary stress and strain.

Yoga and the Stretches

Yoga and stretching exercises helps to tone up the muscles with out much adverse effect on the joints. However while stretching take care to avoid too much of stretching as it may cause the relaxed ligaments to become more pliable.