Exercise Through Your Pregnancy

The moment you get to know you are pregnant you feel that you need to really slow down your life. It is something that most people tell you. But that was in the olden days. Now everyone is working and most of us are leading hectic lives. It is true you need to take care but you don’t need to stop your life. It can go on quite the same way.

For someone who has been a regular in the exercising department you surely don’t need to stop. Once you get to know of your pregnancy consult your gynaecologist informing them about your exercise routine and he/she will guide you. It is definitely not advisable to exercise in the first two months of your pregnancy. However, if after that there are no complications then go right ahead.

If you have been going to the gym or are a regular runner then that is surely not the exercise you should do if you are pregnant.One of the best exercises for pregnant women would be swimming. Doing few laps in the water is great for you and will keep you well toned and will also keep your weight in control. Swimming is an exercise that is least injury prone.

Even wading in the water and slightly pushing the water with your arms and legs is an exercise. Do not do a workout. Keep it low impact and don’t do the butterfly stroke. And of course don’t dive or jump into the water.

Swimming will also ensure that you have a relatively easy delivery as it strengthen the pelvic muscles. You will be allowed to swim right up to your eight month if all is going well.

The important thing with swimming during pregnancy is to invest in a maternity costume or to get a relatively large one that allows your stomach to grow.

Another good exercise is walking. Make sure you have good walking shoes as feet tend to swell during pregnancy. Don’t walk too fast maintain a steady pace. Stop when you get tired and don’t set targets for yourself. It is ok to not exercise once in a while.

Remember you are exercising to keep fit and not to lose weight.