Exercises For Back Pain During Pregnancy

Almost all pregnant women experience back pain during the last trimester of their pregnancies. This is largely due to the extra weight that they carry around their tummies disrupting their body balance. There are plenty of drugs available to provide relief from backache. However, these cannot be taken during pregnancy.

A few simple back exercises and stretches that can be safely performed are ideal for relieving back pains during pregnancy. These exercises greatly reduce or altogether eliminate backaches.

Aches in the muscles are mainly a result of tense muscles. Nerves form a bundle of knots when the muscles are held tightly. This also causes pain in the back. Walking is a great way of relieving tension from the muscles. Go for short walks whenever you feel your back muscles tensing. You can also take a warm bath or shower to help alleviate the pain. The warmth from the water will help the muscles relax.

Maintain correct posture. This might be difficult especially when your centre of gravity begins to change as the pregnancy advances. However, try keeping your back straight at all times. Use proper shoes for walking and exercising that offer your back proper support and help maintain proper posture.

Stretching exercises are a good way of not only maintain a healthy pregnant you but also for relieving back pains. Stand in an upright position. Stretch your arms first out, then on your side and finally up. Rotate your shoulders while performing the stretches with your arms.

Soon you will begin to feel the muscles in your back stretching. Now get down on your hands and knees with a pillow placed below your abdomen. Now slowly and carefully start sliding your arms forward and your legs backwards to perform a stretch.

Performing pelvic tilts will not only help reduce backache but also prepare the abdominal walls for delivery by strengthening them. Get down on your hands and knees and angle the pelvis in the direction reverse to its normal direction. Stay in the position for at least 10 seconds and then come back to the start position.

Remember that in order to relieve backaches it is essential to lower tension in muscles and relax them. This becomes doubly important before beginning any exercise. Tense muscles and knotted nerves can cause muscle strain, muscle pull and even sciatica.

Anubha Pandey