Exercising During Pregnancy

Many women are worried about the safety of exercises during pregnancy. For some it is tiredness and fatigue that prevents them from exercising. Exercising during pregnancy is found necessary as it benefits the expectant mother in many ways.

Before starting out your exercise program, be sure to take the professional advice of your physician, as he will be completely updated about your health status. The level of exercise should be chosen taking into consideration your fitness pre-pregnancy and also during pregnancy. The most suitable exercises will be those which do not require bearing any extra weight.

Swimming is the best form of exercise which is recommended for pregnant woman. There is a minimum risk of injury in swimming and it also helps in the overall workout of the body. Cycling in a stationary bike is also a recommended exercise form as there is no risk of falling down .Walking is form of exercise which is adopted by most pregnant women around the globe.

Walking is found to be less strenuous and can be done at your wish and will. Low impact aerobics is another form of exercise which can be easily adopted by pregnant women. If approved by your physician, then strength training exercises must definitely be included in your exercise regime as it is found helpful in easing the strain of labor.

Benefits Of Exercising

Exercising during pregnancy is found to have many benefits. Exercising is found to increase your energy levels and makes you feel better. It takes care of backache, constipation and wear and tear of the muscles. It also helps in keeping the pregnancy hormones under control and will also provide you with a sound sleep.

It also tackles problems likes breathlessness during pregnancy and also increases the blood flow in the body. Exercising helps to prepare the body for labor and also makes the process of regaining the pre-pregnancy shape much easier.

Precautions To Be Taken

Many forms of exercises like lifting heavy weights and those which require physical exertion like horse riding and skiing, should be completely avoided by pregnant women. Also avoid activities that increase the risk of injury and also those which strain the abdominal muscles. If any discomfort is felt, immediately consult your physician.

Exercising is an excellent way to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Exercise regularly and make your pregnancy period a healthy and happy one.