Exercising in The Second Trimester

Once you have crossed the second month of pregnancy and all is well with you and your baby; it is safe to start some simple exercises. It is important to exercise all through your pregnancy as it makes the delivery easier and also ensures that you do not gain an excess amount of weight through your pregnancy.

Your stomach would be bulging out a bit by the time you enter the fourth month so make sure you wear loose and comfortable clothes while you exercise. Start your exercise by standing straight and keeping your legs slightly apart. Bend your knees slightly and keep your arms outstretched.

Slowly bend down keeping your back straight. What you are doing is squats; which will strengthen your hamstrings and will aid in the delivery process. Start with a few squats and gradually increase the number of squats.

For the next exercise get on your all fours. Rest your knees on a pillow. Lift one leg backward and slowly bring it to the original position. This will strengthen your lower back and spine.

Concentrate on your breathing through this set of exercises. Now stand straight and spread your legs once again. Put your arms up and swing them from side to side very slowly. Your exercises should be slow and gentle and should not feel like a workout.

Sit on a chair and once you are in a comfortable position lift one leg and bring it down. Do this for ten counts on each leg. Do not lift both legs together as that will cause you to feel a stretch in your abdomen and it is not safe for a pregnant woman.

Do some relaxation exercises after these sets of exercises. Lie down and keep your legs elevated on a few pillows or low stool. It is better to do these relaxation exercises in your second trimester as now you will be able to lie on your back without much discomfort. Just do some deep breathing exercises before you wind up your routine. These simple exercises will keep you fit and not fat through your pregnancy.