Exotic Baby Room Ideas

Decorating your little one’s room can be an exciting and fun filled event. There are a lot of things that you must consider when choosing a color or theme for you baby’s room.

The kind of pictures and color the room has, largely affect babies in their virtual conduct and growth. If you do not want to go ahead with your baby themes, you can choose from many exotic themes available these days.

Rain Forest Hidden Paradise

For this particular theme, you can paint the walls with shades of green and covered them using rainforest mural. You can put silk trees in all corners of the baby’s room. Hanging parrots, stuffed monkeys, and other animals can do a wonderful job. You can also paint the ceiling with vines and leaves.

It will create an effect as if the child is lying under the canopy of trees. The fan blade should be painted with the color that matches the ceiling. You can choose the bedding to be a green leaf-print. The rug you use can be of a jaguar print and should be able to bring a superb distinction and interesting pattern to the room.

Wild Safari

For realizing this theme, you’ll need to paint a fresco over the walls like African plains or a rabbit took roughly. The ceiling can be painted like an open sky and various animals like can be painted or their pictures can be stuffed and hanged on the wall sites. You can buy an animal horn shaped chandelier which will be used to light the room and also attract attention. Use printed fabrics for bedding, rug and chair covers.

Moroccan Mystic Dream

A change your little one’s room into a beautiful more up in dreamland. You will need 4 pieces of canopy crib so that you can hang a sheer fabric (chiffon-like) from them.

Sequins, decorative bangles or craft balls can help to decorate this fabric in order to make the theme resemble Middle Eastern veils. Make sure that you choose vibrant and rich colors for the bedding and window treatments. False light-up candles can bring mystery to this setting.

Pooja Gill