Expecting Twins

A woman experiences special feelings when she is expecting twins and these cannot be expressed in words. During this time, a woman undergoes a lot of changes in the mind and body.

She must understand these changes fully in order to know how to handle herself better. Pregnant mother should do well to keep an expecting twins week-by-week guide beside their bed. This will help them to prepare for the upcoming changes and the challenges.

The most obvious signs of having twins will be the weight gain. The mother will start gaining weight very early in the pregnancy which is a complete deviation from the weight gaining cycle. This weight gain phenomenon does not refer to the actual weight gained by the pregnant woman due to the twins.

Such a weight gain is natural and obvious. You should also consider the rate of morning sickness for the woman. When you are expecting twins the chances of morning sickness increases by certain degrees.  There can be cases of nausea and dizziness.

This is due to the fact that the production of hormones and acids increases in the body in case of twin pregnancy. A woman, during this period, can complain of heart burn, pain and anemia.

There are several risks associated with cases of multiple pregnancies. The chances of contracting gestational diabetes, spotting and miscarriage increases manifold. These are considered to be high risk factors in cases of twin pregnancy.

But you need to tackle these conditions in an easy manner. It must be mentioned here that the chances of premature delivery and early labor increases manifold. In such cases the C-section is considered to be most vital in sharp contrast to normal delivery.

Twins can pose many problems for the pregnant mother and she may have to do a series of tests. The patient must visit the doctor on a regular basis and do all kinds of tests and scans in order to be sure that the pregnancy is progressing on expected lines.

Monitoring the pregnancy on a regular basis helps the doctor to deal with any kind of complications more effectively. Diet is very important in cases of twin pregnancy. A proper diet must be followed so that the expecting mother gets all the necessary nutrition.