Experience that Shape a Child – Parents as Model

The emotional ties between the parent and the child provide a Childs earliest incentive to behave in a socially acceptable fashion. When baby feels secure in a parents love he develops a natural desire to please them and win their approval.
He soon learns that he can earn these pleasant rewards by repeating behaviors they consider well and avoiding the bad ones – even though he may not yet understand why it is so.

The process of absorbing his parent’s values is helped along by the young child’s natural tendency to imitate their words and deeds. Children are very keen observers and as they grow from infancy to toddlerhood, your little one takes more and more notice of the way you treat him and interact with other people, absorbing your unspoken attitudes as well as the more deliberate lessons you are teaching.

You cannot afford to be a hypocrite – preaching courtesy, self control, generosity, respect, for the law and a dozen other admirable virtues without practicing them yourself.

During a child’s pre-school years, at least, parents can make the task of teaching good behavior a great deal easier if they curb their all-too-human displays of bad language, temper and disparaging remarks about others in presence of their child.

Children cannot understand that for every rule there may be an exception. And you should avoid telling white lies and stretching the truth, because to your youngster such dodges will seems no difference from the false hoods he is capable of inventing.

Even with the best of intentions you cannot be perfect around your child all the time. Your child needs to recognize that you, too, must grapple occasionally with feelings of anger, discouragement selfishness and jealously and sometimes you too lose control. Even if you try to hide your negative side, she will certainly notice that something is wrong.

Experts suggest that the best way to handle bad mood is to tell her that you are feeling upset. Take responsibility for your mood and reassure the youngster that you will get over soon. The most important thing is that you maintain a level of credibility in your youngster’s eyes. `

geeta krishnan