Factors To Consider When Choosing A Midwife

A midwife (male or female) needs no introduction. They are responsible for a smooth pregnancy of an expectant mother which involves taking care right from the conception, labor to post partum and breast feeding.

Why is it so important to choose a correct midwife? A midwife is like a lifeline during pregnancy. You face any pregnancy related issues and you see your midwife right next to you giving all the support and necessary medications for it.

During this time, it is of utmost importance that your wavelength matches to that of the midwife causing an amiable bond between the both. Unnecessary friction and divided opinions could cause tension and an unpleasant pregnancy experience. Therefore, here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a midwife.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Midwife

Empathy in Midwife

Pregnancy is a special time for you and the baby; therefore you want everyone around you including the midwife to understand your desires and problems. Empathy is one of the important qualities one should look in a midwife simply because you want a health care provider that stands in your shoes and comforts you throughout the pregnancy. Making right medical choices, hospitals, tests and delivery options, a midwife plays a very major role in a pregnant lady’s life.

Personal Care

Relationship between a midwife and an expectant mother should be that of a mother-daughter. Having a midwife at your beck and call is extremely vital during pregnancy and after that too.

A midwife should be available to you at their office or come home in times of any problems you face or simply be available on the phone 24/7. In short, a midwife should specially attend his/her patient with warmth and utter affection to build the trust between them.

Midwife should be Professional

A midwife’s role is not only to understand an expectant mother but also help her in times of birthing difficulties. Choosing the right medication, opting for the right diagnosis, selecting the correct doctor and being there throughout the labor and post pregnancy is very vital. A midwife should have the knowledge of various technologies available in order to provide a perfect insight to a confused expecting mother.

Discussing your plans with your midwife about how to go about your pregnancy and post birth should be done in a very professional manner. In times of emergencies, a midwife is expected to intervene and consult a good obstetrician. It is not only important to now the problem but to have a right approach and solution which only a good midwife can offer.

Midwife’s Crucial Presence During Labor

When is the midwife really needed? It is during the time of childbirth when a mother goes through unexplainable pain. It is at this point that a midwife should come to resort and be with the mother for comfort and encouragement.

At times, emergencies would crop up such as breech birth where a midwife should help without asking for it. Giving you a relaxed massage or a heart-to-heart talk could relieve the expecting mother.

Therefore these factors mentioned above should be taken into considering while choosing a midwife.