Facts About After School Activities

After School ActivitiesAfter school activitieshave a number of effects on your child. It prevents your child from getting into unhealthy criminal activities like teen sex, taking drugs, consuming alcohol etc.

These activities keep your child occupied and supervised. Remember not to over load your child with activities as it has to be fun for your child and not a burden. The important facts of after school activities are listed below for you, just take a look at them before you decide anything.

Productivity And Social Activities

First of all,you need to choose the right after school activity for your child. Make sure that your child is interested in the activity. It can be anything from sports to art and craft. Sports will help develop your child’s athletic skills where as art and craft will help develop your child’s productive skills. As your child will be going for classes after school he will make new friends and will learn socializing.

Positive Benefits Of After School Activities

Surveys say that kids attending after school activities are more active than other kids. After school activities increase self confidence in your child and enhance their self esteem. After school activities also have the ability of improving academic performance.

Unsupervised kids towards their teens tend to get involved in unhealthy criminal activities, which can be bad for them. After school activities is an interesting way of keep your child under supervision and stopping him from getting into such activities.

Do Not Force Your Child

Before you decide on your child’s after school activities, make sure you ask your child his interest. Your child will love getting engaged in activities, he is interested in. If you force your child for activities you want him to join, he might make excuses for not attending those activities.

To keep your child engaged in after school activities consider the activities he is interested in. You can always guide your child towards the activities that will be beneficial for him, however leave the choice to your child.

Ill Effects of After School Activities

Like there are positive effects of after school activities there are negative effects as well. You would want your child to be happy and interested in after school activities right? Make sure you do not choose more than one or two activities for your child. Your child must also have at least two offs in a week from these activities, to avoid physical stress.

Excessive stress can be harmful for your child’s health as well. If you find your child suffering from irritation, trauma, stomach ache and slowed progress in school, it is advisable to either discontinue or reduce your child’s activities.

Remember you child has also been attending school and he also needs to concentrate on his academics, make sure that the after school activities do not interrupt your child’s academic performance. Interesting and limited after school activities can prove to be very beneficial for your child and his overall development. Keep your child interested, occupied and supervised with the help of these activities.

Sanika N