False Symptoms and Signs of Pregnancy

Have you ever heard of the term pseudopregnancy? Also known as false pregnancy, pseudopregnancy is a condition in which a non-pregnant woman has a false impression that she is pregnant. She may be experiencing symptoms of pregnancy though there are no physical evidences to prove her pregnancy. These false symptoms of pregnancy are most experienced by women who are in their late 30s and early 40s.

These women have been trying unsuccessfully to conceive for quite some time. Also, women whose child had expired or those who have been victims of miscarriage are at higher risk of pseudopregnancy. Again women suffering from infertility issues are also more likely to get pseudopregnancy.

So what are the causes of pseudopregnancy? It is believe that emotional conflict is the fundamental cause of pseudopregnancy. While some women have a strong desire to get pregnant since and have been unsuccessful trying to get conceived, some women are paranoid about getting pregnant. In both cases, the intensity of the desire to get pregnant or the intensity of their fear of becoming pregnant leads to internal conflicts which cause to disturbs the endocrine system. The disturbance in the endocrine system may explain the false symptoms of pregnancy. These symptoms are in fact quite akin to the symptoms of pregnancy and give you a false mental impression of having become pregnant.

So what are these false symptoms of pregnancy? The first and most common symptom of false pregnancy is missed period. Missed period is actually an early sign of pregnancy telling you that you have conceived and get a pregnancy test done to confirm it. However, in this case, the missed period may be due to factors other than getting conceived.

It may be that your cycle is irregular and it may take longer than normal for your period to arrive. Tenderness in the breast is another such symptom. Your breasts become sore and sensitive. But these may be indications that your period is arriving. Morning sickness due to hormonal change resulting from internal conflicts and widening of the abdomen due to gas buildup or urinary retention are the other symptoms of false pregnancy.

When you experience any of these symptoms, get a pregnancy test done so as to clear all your doubts and anxiousness. If the result is positive, here is wishing you good luck.