Family Bonding

After the first year of caring for the baby the novelty starts wearing off and you start to go back to work and actually do not spend time with your child. It is seen that parents are so engrossed in their work that they come home after a tiring day and need to rest rather than play with their baby.

It is important to know that money is not going to create a special bond between your family and your baby. You may buy her the best clothes and expensive toys but that may not be enough. Spending quality time with your child and giving her your undivided attention is very important. Your child should be taught family bonding right from the bonding.

Even if you are a stay st home mom family bonding that is between you your child and your husband is very important. As your child grows older he should be made to understand that when daddy comes home he needs to stop what he is doing and sit together with his dad. Eating should always be a family affair at least one meal. Remember the family that eats together stays together.

If you have a normally busy routine make sure to keep one day aside to take your child out together as a family and not only one of you. It could be going on a small picnic or just hanging out at the mall. You will see that your child will like these special times and will start to look forward to them. As the kids grow older they give a lot of importance to their friends. Let them know that computers and phones need to be shut at dinner time and when dad comes home.

These are bad habits and will not be easy to stop later on. They should get used to these things right from the beginning. Plan short family holidays whenever you can and also encourage meeting the grandparents as they are also an important part of your extended family. Teach the kids to talk with respect and love to both parents and you should also respect them and understand their needs. The more quality time you spend the closer you become as a family.