Fashion Tips for to be Mothers

Motherhood is the best part of a woman’s life. Every woman looks forward to being a mother. A woman’s whole world changes in anticipation of the life she is going to give birth to. These changes also affect her physically. From second trimester onward the pregnancy starts becoming visible. At this point it becomes increasingly difficult to fit into pre-pregnancy clothes. As a result many women start feeling low.

The prospect of buying large size clothes does not appeal to them. But this development is inevitable and instead of making it a depressing event, mothers-to-be can enjoy their pregnancy shopping for new clothes.

Just because you are pregnant does not mean you have to wear dresses made of potato sacks. You don’t have to change your style in any way; just your size needs to be altered. There are plenty of brands that have amazing range of maternity clothes. These clothes are made using rich, vibrant colors in soft feeling fabrics to make you look and feel great.

Working women can choose from a wide variety of formal wear. Trousers and blouses are especially tailored to fit your increasing belly. You can also wear shawls and ponchos to not draw attention to your belly if that makes you uncomfortable.

If you stay in a warm place you can wear sleeveless summer dresses in large flowery prints. Team these with a wide belt or a scarf if you wish to. To feel comfortable at home buy tunics and dungarees in denim. These are designed to fit you until the last month. You can continue using them even after delivery. Women living in cold places can opt for jeans and trousers with elastic bands. And no you don’t have to choose from baggies. Select from straight cuts as the style will make you look slimmer.

Choose comfortable slippers for use. You will not feel comfortable in your stilettos after a point. And if you suffer from water retention, chances of your feet fitting in the heels are rather low. So go for slip- ons as they are also easy to wear and the color and patterns look great on your feet. Being a mom does not mean neglecting self. Look smart and welcome to the yummy mummy brigade.

Anubha Pandey