Fatigue During Pregnancy

Many times during pregnancy, the expecting mother finds it difficult to get up from the bed in the morning and resume her daily chores. The reason lies in the fact that she feels exhausted and fatigued all the time, even after resting all night.

However this should not make a woman panic as fatigue and exhaustion are common during the first trimester of pregnancy owing to the physical and mental changes that occur during this period.

During the first trimester, the emotional and physical changes affect every aspect of life of a woman including her appetite, her pattern of sleeping, her body, etc. These numerous changes leave a woman exhausted and tired.

Medical practitioners are of the view that constant fatigue is an early symptom of pregnancy and most women undergo this condition during the first and last trimesters of their pregnancy. Conditions like nausea, loss of appetite, headaches in some cases, etc are enough to make the mother tired.

The secretion of a hormone-progesterone during pregnancy causes insomnia. By the beginning of the second trimester, the symptoms of lethargy and fatigue disappear. In fact second trimester in the only time during pregnancy when the expecting woman can relax and feel joyous about the little life growing inside her without worrying about the pain and uneasiness associated with pregnancy.

However as the fetus grows and begins to gain weight, the symptoms of fatigue strike back during seventh month and persist till the delivery. The additional weight of the baby results in backache and exhaustion and most women feel like lying down all day as moving and working becomes a herculean task for them.

Though fatigue and tiredness are likely during this period, taking sound sleep and resting can help to cope with the situation. The expecting woman should ensure that she gets a sound sleep at night and can take small naps during afternoon to relax her body.

Working women can cut down on the number of working hours and take more rest. Eating healthy and balanced diet including fruits, whole grains, etc also help during this period. Brisk exercise and walking are good for keeping the body energized.