Fear In Children And Ways To Deal With It

Childhood is a vulnerable time when the child gets affected by every small or big event occurring around him. During childhood, all sociological and environmental factors have a strong influence on the way the child is molded.

Sometimes children develop fear owing to certain emotional and psychological experiences. The intensity of fear and its effects vary from one child to another. Nonetheless it is imperative to address this issue or else its ramifications can be serious. If not handled at the right time, this fear can become a phobia which may be difficult to overcome later on.

Some of the common causes that lead to fear in children have been identified as conflicting parent-child relationship that makes the child insecure and fearful. If the parents have a disturbed relationship with their child and resort to punishment to discipline their child, the child feels devoid of the warmth and security that the relationship with a parent entails.

Physical punishment makes them fearful and they are unable to open up in front of their parents. Kids who have parents that fight with each other in front of their kids also develop a fear in them and become reticent and isolated. Sexual or emotional abuse in the early years of childhood has a lasting effect on the psyche of their child and can lead to serious mental and psychological disorders in the child.

Apart from these, some children develop the fear of dark or some mystical creature or interacting in a huge gathering or the fear of the unknown and so on.
These concerns need to be addressed to ensure that your child grows into a secure individual. To overcome such fears, medical guidance in needed. Parents can consult professional psychiatrists to address these issues.

The children suffering from such fears are given sessions of therapies in which these issues are addressed. Some of the therapies normally used to address such fears include behavioral therapy, relaxation techniques, counseling, emotional manipulation, play techniques, desensitization procedures, etc. To ensure that the therapies given to the child can give maximum result, it is essential that the family of the child supports the child during the procedure.


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