Feeding The Baby

Very Soon the initial excitement of giving birth to the baby dies down. You slowly will start dealing with all sorts of changes and also new sets of problems. All mums have heard about the importance of breast feeding and wish to do the same. When you hear about it, it all sounds very simple. But sometimes can be quite a problem.

Breast feeding is what creates the bond between the mother and the baby. All babies are born with the natural ability to suckle and don’t need to learn it. It is you who has to learn to do it well. Position your baby correctly in your arms and make sure you are seated comfortably and then begin.

Sometimes breast feeding can become a bit of a problem and you will have people tell you that you have less milk and your baby is not getting enough. Sometimes it is better to just ignore the comments. If your baby is burping after every feed and if you need to change his/her diaper at least eight times a day, you can be rest assured your baby is getting enough milk.

Another way to know that your baby is getting enough milk will be that he/she will be that its stools would be light brown with a few grain like particles. While you are feeding your baby you will also be able to see milk trickle down the sides of the mouth if you pull open his/her mouth.

There is no such thing as having less milk. The more your baby suckles the more milk is getting produced. The only thing is that you need to be happy and stress free. Enjoy every feed rather than fretting about it. Allow the baby to suckle on one breast for at least fifteen minutes before switching sides. The amount of milk does not depend on the size of the breast. The baby will drink only the amount it wants and turn away if you try and give them any more. Over feeding will cause them to throw up the milk. Don’t worry, it only takes a few days before you understand the babies feeding pattern. So enjoy the process.

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