Feeling Your baby Move

This is the most exciting stage of pregnancy. This is what every mother waits for. Through these movements you can tell if your baby is alright.

When your baby will start to  move depends on your weight gain, the baby’ weight and also where your placenta is located. Some mother’s may feel the movement of their baby much later than others. This does not mean that something is wrong.

You baby begins to move only by the fifth month. It does not start with any rapid movements. The first feeling of movement that you will feel is that of bubbles bursting in your stomach. This will continue all through the fifth month.

As your baby grows bigger the movements will become more defined. You will feel kicks and tugs by the time you enter into the seventh month. Movements by the seventh month can not only be felt but also seen with the naked eye. By the eighth month you will be able to feel a tiny bulge at times sticking out of your stomach which is a body part of the baby.

You will notice that the baby kicks and turns more at certain times of the day. Play loud music and the baby will be kicking around a lot more. You will feel actual movements of the baby kicking and turning in your belly. This is more important in the last month.

If you find that the baby is suddenly not moving or has not moved for a few hours; it could be a sign that something is wrong. Visit the doctor immediately. You will be made to do a sonography to check if everything is alright.

t is only through the regular movements of the baby you will be able to tell that your baby is alright. By the time you are in the eighth month you may find the movement painful and certain positions of the baby may also be uncomfortable for you.

The doctor can guide you by showing you a few pelvic tilts that will help move the baby to make you more comfortable. By the ninth month you will also be able to count the fetal kicks.