Fertility Facts & Myths

Many couples tend to worry a lot by overload themselves with lots of facts and myths regarding pregnancy. Gradually the couples fail to differentiate the facts from the myths. One must understand that during these trying times one must be very level headed.

You should not be disheartened or panic unnecessarily if you find conceiving to be a tad difficult. The major myth regarding infertility is that a woman is the main cause for the condition. But studies show that 50% of the infertility cases are caused either by male infertility and the remaining 50% by female infertility.

The problem can be a combination of both. So the best course of action is to visit an infertility specialist and seek an expert opinion. There are no set rules regarding a woman’s menstrual cycle. It is hard to find a woman who ovulates on the 14th day of a cycle or have exactly 28 days in their menstrual cycle.

The numbers vary a lot and woman should consult a gynecologist regarding the menstrual cycle. Many couples are not aware of the fact that stress plays an important role in the process of conception. They do not actually stop conception but can be a great inhibiting factor. You must learn to manage stress so that conception can be easy.

There is a concern regarding male fertility that has been asked very often in discussions and forums. Many men have asked whether wearing briefs have an adverse effect on the fertility. It is true that the heat increases a lot when you are wearing a brief as the scrotum is closer to the body. This may actually reduce the sperm count in the long run.

So it is suggested that you wear boxer shorts in place of the traditional briefs. There is a myth that taking cold showers actually helps to improve male fertility. This belief is very misplaced as there are no theories to suggest that keeping the scrotum area cold will result in increased fertility.

However, age does play a factor. With advancing age, the fertility of the couples can decrease. But this does not mean that young couples do not have any fear of infertility. They might have some other problems which can lead to conditions of infertility. The best course of action is to consult a fertility specialist and find out the root cause in case you are having trouble with conceiving.