Fertility Monitor: How It Can Help You in Getting Pregnant

For many couples, having a baby has become a desperate desire. Despite many attempts, these couples still find themselves without any luck. There may be several reasons for being unable to conceive. And one of these reasons has to do with irregular menstrual cycle. Again there may be many reasons which are responsible for causing irregular menstrual in women such as stress.

Though some causes are within your reach, there may be other factors which are beyond your understanding. For such women, a fertility monitor may just be the right tool which can help them to get pregnant.

A fertility monitor is a device which tells you the time when you are most fertile. Having sexual intercourse during a woman’s fertile period greatly increases the likelihood of pregnancy. And your fertility is highest when ovulation takes place. It is the time when the ovary releases an egg. The egg has a short life span within which it has to be fertilized by a sperm.

Hence, if the sperms are released on the day of ovulation, your chances of becoming pregnant is quite high. Even if the sperms are released a few days before ovulation, they can wait for the egg to be released and fertilize it once released. Ovulation precedes your day one of menstrual cycle by fourteen days. In women having irregular menstrual cycle, predicting ovulation, or say the fertile phase, is quite difficult. This is where a fertility monitor can come in handy.

So how a fertility monitoring tool works? A fertility monitor measures the levels of certain female reproductive hormones. The levels of these hormones elevate just before ovulation. In other words this is a tool which helps in predicting ovulation. As such, you know exactly when your body is most fertile. This gives you an opportunity to time sexual intercourses at the most opportune time. This way you can give the best try at getting pregnant.

But if you think the fertility monitors are just ovulation predicting tools, you are wrong. Such a tool can also predict the peak performance of the sperms as well. As such, this is a tool which both men and women can use and get benefited.