Fertility Options-Never Say Never to Pregnancy

Becoming a mother is something young girls’ dream of all their life. For most of us this dream turns in to reality, but for many, the dreams remain just a dream. There are many unfortunate couples, who are not able to have a baby, inspite of repeated attempts.

There are many reasons why couples are unable to get pregnant. Either the problem lies with the husband or with the wife. There are also cases, where the problem lies in both husband as well as the wife. But, now days in this jet age, lot of fertility options have come in to picture than can bring the smile back on the childless couple’s faces. The fertility options treatment is given as per the problems faced by the couple.

Following are the list of options available depending on the issues/problems faced by the couple:

Fertility tablets/injections:

In case if the person or patient is not ovulating, various fertility drugs or injections are given to them. These drugs and injections will help them to conceive naturally. These drugs or injections will help the eggs to flow out.

Intrauterine insemination:

Once the couples are given tablets/injections, giving them intrauterine insemination increases there chances of pregnancy. In case of intrauterine insemination, a dose of washed sperm is injected in to uterus or fallopian tubes with a catheter.

In vitro fertilization:

In case if the women have blocked or damaged tubes, in vitro fertilization option is used. In case of in vitro fertilization, eggs removed from the ovaries are fertilized with sperm in the laboratory with the help of sonography, and the resulting embryos are put back in the women’s uterus.

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection:

In case of intracytoplasmic, a single sperm is taken from the man and is injected in to single egg and the embryo resulting from it is transplanted in to woman’s body.


In case if the woman is suffering from problems such as fallopian tubes blocking, fibroids or ovarian cysts, surgery needs to be done which will help the women to get pregnant naturally.

Donor sperm and embryo donation:

In case of donar sperm option, sperm of a donor is used in the case of intrauterine insemination. Even invitrofertilization technique can be carried out using the donar sperm. In case of embryo donation, an egg of another woman is donated and mixed along with the man’s sperm. The embryo is then implanted in the recipients uterus.


In case of surrogacy, another woman carries the, embryo of the couple to its full term. The women who carries the embryo is often referred to as surrogate mother