Fertility Vitamins

Generally women are not very fond of fertility vitamins as they don’t seem to understand the need for these. But it needs to be emphasized that vitamin supplements are very necessary to increase the fertility and for the well being of the unborn child.

These vitamins are usually taken before and during pregnancy. The body needs a complete balance of vitamins and minerals during pregnancy. That means the woman must have lots of fruits, vegetables, meats and grains.

But sometimes the balance is not achieved only through food. The need for prenatal vitamins becomes essential in this case. The prenatal or fertility vitamins are necessary when the woman is planning to conceive or during pregnancy.

These vitamins have a rich supply of vitamins and minerals that will help the woman to bear a healthy child. The hormones are balanced, the nervous system runs smoothly and all the organs function smoothly. But in order to make this happen a woman needs to pop in those fertility vitamins.

No matter how much we eat it is not possible to get all the minerals and the nutrients from food alone. Even a high protein or an expensive diet cannot ensure your capacity to bear a very healthy child. A multivitamin and multi mineral supplement is absolutely essential for the woman. So the question arises – do I really take those prenatal vitamins?

Let me emphasize that I am no expert on this but from whatever knowledge I have, I can safely conclude that if you continue with the fertility medicine there is a high chance that you will experience a safe and trouble – free pregnancy.

Choose one that is organically made leaving aside those that are synthetically made with artificial colors and flavors. But these vitamins should be supplemented with a heavy intake of fruits and vegetables and a lot of purified drinking water.

The multivitamin must have a minimum of 400 mcg of Folic acid to avoid neural tube defects in the baby. As this ailment occurs in the first month itself, it is highly recommended that you increase the intake of Folic acid.

However, in the course of this discussion I am in no way emphasizing that vitamin supplements will replace a healthy diet. Both should be taken together and preferably, as per doctor’s instructions.