Fetal Alcohol Syndrome – An Overview

The dangers of alcohol consumption during pregnancy are many.Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a very grave condition which affects the fetus in the womb.

If you have habit of consuming alcohol during pregnancy, you will surely put your unborn child in deep trouble.

When a pregnant woman consumes alcohol, it crosses the placenta and reaches the baby in her womb. The baby is thus exposed to the harmful effects of alcohol.

Alcohol consumption by the expectant mother will lead to developmental problems in the unborn baby. Such babies will have many birth defects and will also exhibit many disabilities later in their life.

Babies suffering from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome will have facial features like a very thin nose and an abnormally thin upper lip. The baby may also have an incompletely developed optic nerve, extremely small eyes and malformed ears.

Most babies born to alcoholic mothers will be premature or will have a very low birth weight. The baby can also have deformed limbs and may also have to face many heart related problems.

Consumption of alcohol also affects the central nervous system of the unborn child and will cause him to experience many behavioral and emotional disabilities in his later life. The baby will have a high chance of becoming mentally retarded. He can also have sleep related issues and may also exhibit signs of hyperactivity.

The symptoms and severity of fetal alcohol syndrome vary with the quantity of alcohol and the duration of exposure of the fetus to alcohol.

The first trimester is the most vulnerable period for your baby to develop Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. During the early weeks of pregnancy, many women may not know they are pregnant and will go on having alcohol. They might change their ways after a confirmation of pregnancy, but by then the alcohol would have done the damage.

The condition of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a permanent one. There is no real cure for this fateful condition. But you can avoid this situation by refraining from alcohol consumption during your pregnancy.

There is no safe amount of alcohol you can have while you are pregnant. So keeping in mind your health and the health of your baby, it will be better that you stay away from the habit of alcohol consumption so as to avoid the incidence of conditions like Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.