Few Useful Tips for Breast Pumping

For several reasons, many moms are forced to abandon breastfeeding abruptly. Many of such moms complain of breastfeeding problems. Some common problems in breastfeeding has to do with latching issues, babies having cleft palates, or moms having flat or inverted nipples. But considering the benefits of breastfeeding, it is not a good decision to switch over to formula milk.

Rather, you have an alternative in feeding breast milk in a bottle rather than filling it with formula milk. In order to make this possible, you have to express breast milk, which you do it manually or by using a breast pump. Doing it manually has limitations and may not effective. So, you ultimately have to rely on breast pumps.

Breast pumps are of two types, electric breast pumps and manual breast pump. There are also hand-held pumps which again may not be effective. Electric double action breast pumps are the best choice considering the fact that it takes lesser time to express larger quantities of milk. This means it saves time and is more effective. But always buy a hospital grade electric breast pump.

Now that you are ready for breast pumping here are a few breast pumping tips which you will find informative and useful.

First, you should always massage and lubricate your breasts before commencing pumping. Olive oil and lansinoh can be used for this purpose. If you want, you can even use for your own breast milk as the lubricating agent. Massaging and lubricating help in stimulating the breasts and also makes the passage to the nipples clear.

Again, to adequately feed your baby, there should be at least eight pumping session in a day. These sessions should be separated by two hours each. Pumping for extended time may not do good as your body needs breaks to produce milk once the storage is emptied. And two hours is good enough time to reproduce milk.

Again, during pumping make sure that you have a supported back. It is preferable that you set a pumping station to make things comfortable. Also, using a hand-free system will make you more comfortable.

Lastly, once you have commenced pumping, never use a hormonal contraception pills as it may affect breast milk supply.