Fiber Diet During Pregnancy

We all know, during pregnancy a women’s body undergoes various hormonal changes. These changes when not supplemented with healthy diet, can lead to various illness like diabetes, blood pressure, constipation etc, which in return can affect the health of baby and the mother.

So, its very essential to take balanced rich diet during this period and fiber is one of its important constituent.

During pregnancy, generally a women face the problem of constipation either due to consumption of low fiber diet or due to intake of iron tablets prescribed by the doctor.Fiber has a lot of roughage. So, constipation can be easily dealt by including high fiber diet in the meals.

However, action of fiber is facilitated with water. Therefore, with slow increase in fiber diet, pregnant lady should also increase the consumption of water. During this period, on an average one should increase the consumption fluids daily. Thus, high fiber diet with sufficient amount of fluid helps to regulate the bowel system and remove toxins from our body.

High fiber foods are rich source of nutrients and vitamins which are needed for the growth and development of the baby. Fiber composition slows down the food digestion process through the intestines and thus helps to absorb more nutrients present in the food and regulates the bowel system.

High fiber diet, assists in the normal functioning of the digestive system and thus helps in maintaining blood sugar level and controls diabetes. Besides this, high fiber diet provides protection and helps in  reducing the risk of other intestinal diseases like colon cancer, hemorrhoids , irritable bowel syndrome as well as  in lowering the cholesterol level.

Changes in hormonal level, excitement and various other stress tend to strain a pregnant women. This further leads to problem of piles. So, every pregnant women should  include fibrous diet during this period to avoid such situations.

As compared to other diets, fiber diet takes longer time to chew them .Besides this ,it also provides the feeling of fullness for longer time. Thus, this helps to avoid gaining unnecessary extra weight during this period and remain slim. This further helps in avoiding various other pregnancy complications.

Raka Raghuvanshi