Fibroids and Infertility: Know the Treatment

You must have heard about women who say they cannot become pregnant due to fibroids developed in their uterus. Fibroids are benign tumors containing fibrous tissues and are most commonly found in the uterus. This condition may affect your fertility as well as a healthy pregnancy. Symptoms of fibroids include pelvic pain, frequent urination, and excessive menstrual bleeding.

A woman having fibroids may never be able to have a successful pregnancy and also have a tendency to gain weight. Presence of periods before the age of 10 may be a pointer of fibroids being developed. Estrogen, the female steroid sex hormones, may play a role in stimulating the production of fibroids. Sometimes genetic factors are to be blamed for the condition.

The good news is that all women who have fibroids in them are not infertile or are not good candidates for low risk pregnancy. It all depends on the location of the fibroids in the uterus. Fibroids which have developed within the uterine wall do not usually affect the shape of the uterine cavity. The same is true for fibroids that have developed outside of the uterine wall.

When the uterine wall is not disturbed by the fibroids, fertility of the woman may not be affected. Those fibroids that have developed within the uterine cavity and those that have changed the shape of the uterine wall may affect your fertility greatly. If you conceive, there is always a likelihood of miscarriage since fibroids may affect the blood flow to the embryo.

The best way to detect these benign tumors is by using MRI. Your physician will tell you more about the methods to detect fibroids. The great news is that fibroids can be removed by a simple procedure thereby greatly increasing your chances of getting pregnant. The procedure followed for removal of fibroids is called Myomectomy. You can undergo this procedure as an outpatient. Again, you will get more information on how this procedure is performed from your physician. No incisions are required and it can be accomplished in short time.

The conclusion is that you need not worry much if you are diagnosed with fibroids. Talk to your physician and get it removed and enjoy a healthy pregnancy.