Fighting Bad Breath During Pregnancy

Have you ever heard of bad breath during pregnancy? This is a not so common phenomenon during pregnancy but some expectant mothers do complain experiencing an unpleasant taste in the mouth leading to bad breath. You may feel a metallic like taste in the mouth which is very unpleasant. Such a condition may just be coincidental, that they may occur due for reasons not related to pregnancy. Or may the cause of bad breath may be traced to hormonal changes during pregnancy or a deteriorated dental health which again is traced to pregnancy. In either case, sudden occurrence of bad breath calls for immediate attention.

If during pregnancy bad breath strikes you all of a sudden and without any tangible warnings, it is time you start assessing yourself. Have you made changes in your diet or in your life style recently? Observe these things which can explain your bad breath. If the problem continues to persist even after taking care of your teeth, you may well go ahead and fix an appointment with your dentist. Some women have this wrong thinking that bad breath will stop after childbirth. The bad news for these women is that bad breath continues even after childbirth. So the earlier you consult your dentist, the better.

Bad breath in pregnant women may be a telling sign of tooth decay. During pregnancy the requirement for all essential nutrients and minerals including calcium is higher as the expectant mom supplies these to the growing baby too. Whenever the body is not supplied with the right amount of calcium through your diet, the deficit is sourced from your teeth. As a result of this, your teeth start to decay and at the same time gum diseases also build up. All these conditions directly contribute to bad breath during pregnancy. This is why you should switch to a pregnancy diet at the earliest.

Treating bad breath during pregnancy is can be problematic as normal medications for such condition might not be ideal during pregnancy. However, you must always consult a dentist. On your part, you can use sugar-free breath mints and mouthwashes to keep off bad breath during pregnancy.