First Aid For A Choking Child

As children grow and begin to put everything into their mouth, the fear of them choking starts to increase. You must be watchful at all times, and do all that you can to prevent your child from choking.

When little objects are stuck in the throat and windpipe of the child, preventing the child from breathing in or out, he begins to choke. If the obstruction is very small and soft, the child can usually bring it out by coughing.

Make sure that you keep your houe clean and remove any small objects which are dangerous. Once the child has finished playing, clean up immediately so that all toys and pieces can be put away. When you buy toys for your child, make sure you have checked them well to make sure that there are no lose parts and pieces which can come off easily.

While feeding your child, ensure that you grate or make very tiny pieces of vegetables which are hard. You could also try and give them a little boil first to soften them slightly. If your child is unable to eat these, do not force him to.

If you find your child choking, make sure you waste no time in calling an ambulance. Ask the child to open his mouth and try and check to see if you can spot the object. If you find that you can really see it, try and get it out using your finger. However, if it is not visible, do not try and get it out, as you could be damaging the situation further.

Hold your child with his back towards you, and keep his head lowered. Using the base of your hand, give your child a few blows on his back, and you might find the particle come out. If the piece has not come out, try and hold the baby around his stomach and put your arms around him.

Now make sharp, constricting movements around the child’s middle. This should be able to force the piece out. If you find that even this has not been able to help, you must start to try and resuscitate him.