First Birthday Parties- How To Make Your Baby’s First Birthday Party Fun

Your baby is turning one! A perfect birthday party is what you have been planning for, but for it to be a success your baby should be the one who enjoys it the most.

To start with, a thumb rule to ensure your baby has fun is to plan the party according to your baby’s schedule. This means, the timing of the birthday party should be during that part of the day when your baby is usually in his best mood.

Don’t restrict to planning a birthday party in the evening only, your baby might enjoy it better if its in the morning or even in the afternoon! Each baby is special and his birthday party should suit him the best.

Once you have the clock set, decide on what you’d want to dress your baby in. Choose clothes he will be comfortable in. Try and keep fancy stuff at bay. Your baby is too small to acknowledge the dress and his comfort should be your primary concern.

In addition to what you choose for him to wear for the party, keep a back up of another set of clothes.Next decide on how many people you would want to join in the celebrations.

It is suggested that you restrict the guests to immediate family members and close friends. Your baby may get overwhelmed by a huge gathering. So choose people your baby is acquainted with and enjoys the company of.

The third thing on your list would be the food; primarily the cake. You can choose a cartoon character or an animal that your baby likes, for the cake. You may also choose a cake of any shape like square or star or just bake one yourself. If you have planned for a theme birthday party , then your cake would be in accordance to the theme.

For example
, if you have decided to keep the theme as “A Prince birthday party”, you can have your cake customized accordingly. Food for the party would depend on the guest list and the timing of the party. If you have too many kids, set the menu accordingly.

Last comes the decorations. This would depend on the location of the party and whether its themed or not. Balloons,streamers, ribbons are the safest for a first birthday.

That’s it, a little focus on what would keep your child smiling and you are all set to have the best first birthday party ever!