First Birthday Parties- How To Make Your Baby’s First Birthday Party Fun

So your little bundle of joy is now one year old. And no one can blame you if you intend to make a ball out of it. Here’s what to do:
First things first

The best advice here is to invite guests who are either your closest friends and/or who are family.  By make special invitation cards for the small group of people that you would want to invite, will make this occasion that much beautiful.

It’s a party! But don’t wake up the baby…

The party needs to take as little time as possible. A good idea would be to have it limited to just about 25-30 minutes. As there will be other babies expected, the less time it takes to wrap things up, the better the outcome. This will tend to benefit everyone invited, as infants tend to require more nap time during the day.

Any fun idea that even remotely spells hazard for babies and children should be chucked out of the list. Instead, fun and frolic ideas should revolve around nursery rhymes. Games that would stimulate cognition must be considered too. Good examples can be unwrapping gifts and finding hidden treasures like baby toys.

The party should be at home, where the baby is most comfortable. Of course, do decorate with much color and soft non-hazardous materials. Baby birthday cakes tend to be available in a wide variety of flavors and colors. Baby feeder for the baby.

And bite-sized items for the adults. Since it’s an infant’s gathering mostly, make sure the food does not pose any hazards to children. Again, care must be taken so no food item or party décor on them poses any risks or threats of harm to the baby and other children.

Books, soft toys should be items of choice for goodie bags. Sweets and chocolates can be included too, but most of your little guests probably would have had enough by the end of the event, so you’re allowed to strike that off too.

Again, it is important to have toys around that can harness the baby’s intellect. Your baby gifts should include board games, reading books. And if you’re looking for lasting gifts, then anything that can be useful outdoors will surely make for a practical gift idea. Until your baby’s ready for outdoor fun, bringing in softer bath toys wouldn’t hurt.