First Trimster – Symptoms and Cautions

Congratulations on the successful confirmation of your pregnancy! Well, does here ends your role of hard work? Definitely no! The upcoming ten months are the most crucial and vital part of life. Each trimester is a period of three months, and especially the first trimester happens to be the toughest and care demanding period.

In this period, upon either on your personal confirmation or on your suspicion of pregnancy, you are supposed to go to a nearest lady doctor for the preliminary confirmation. As the second stage, choose a specific gynecologist whom you are willing to get your delivery done. You can decide this based on the proximity and the fame of the doctor in pregnancy care. Visit the respective doctor from the first month, so that she will be able to guide you better as well, it will be easy during the delivery time. The doctor can make a clear study about your health on all the trimesters and therefore chances of normal delivery will be more in such cases.

You will find yourself more tired and brisklessness during the initial days. Do not panic, it is a healthy symptom of pregnancy. Some may also tend to keep sleeping all day long. Morning sickness and nausea may be the complaints from few others. You may have any or all of these or may be none of these too. It is complete specific to individuals and nothing is the same for all ladies. So sometimes, what you hear from your friends and neighbors may not be the same case for you. Just Relax!

Doctors will generally prescribe prenatal vitamins and folic acid for the trimster. Eat them regularly. Make sure that you do not take any pills without a proper consultation. I would say, in all possibilities, make sure to consult your own delivery doctor than even other physicians, as they only know your complete pregnancy history.

Healthy eating habits becomes very vital during the entire pregnancy period, as you being, a new mom-to-be, you are expected to eat both for you and your baby. Increase the fluid intake and never let yourself go dry as dehydration should never happen in this period. Kindly carry water bottle or juices with you when you go out on work, as not always you can be accessible to water and juice shops. I repeat again, kindly concentrate on your fluid intake to give birth to a healthy baby.