Fitness For Kids: Some Tips

These days, there are high amount of anxiety and frustration among the parents regarding their child’s health. It has been found in a research that out of every 3 children, 1 is found to be obese.

While everybody tries to cut down on the diet of their children further taking toll on the child’s health, nobody quite seem to go to the root of the problem. Here in this article we will discuss as to what are the root causes of obesity among the children and what are the solutions.

It has been seen that the children are very good observant and followers. If they see healthy habits around them, they pick up the healthy ones and if they find they pick the unhealthy ones. So for the child to be a healthy one, the parents should practice healthy habits.

Another effective solution is the improvement of the school lunches. Families with lower income level rely on the free school lunches which often contain highly processed carbohydrates which are injurious to child health. These days children are obsessed with video games. For a better health the “active” video game which involves greater physical activity should be practiced rather than the unhealthy one.

Computer games, though looks sophisticated and up-market are highly injurious to health. This leads to no-activity and often combines with snacks causing greater ill-effect on the child’s health.

The similar kind of ill-effect is casted by the habit of television. These days’ children hardly go to play outside. Watching cartoon is a greater attraction for them which once again lead to the no activity and ill health. For the children to have a good health, the parents should practice good habits along with exercising greater control on their children’s habit of gaming and television.

Children should go out and play and enjoy the childhood that’s what makes them healthy. It is advisable to the parents that they should not allow children to watch TV for more than 2 hours a day. Strict parental control is required to this effect otherwise children become couch potatoes and their health and fitness is affected. Sports as a hobby should be encouraged.